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[ICO] Zeepin Chain | Changing the Creative Industry

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    ZEEPIN CHAIN - The Distributed Creative New Economy

    “Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” –Robert L. Peters


    Zeepin, the distributed creative economy, is dedicated to promoting highly efficient circulation of innovation assets. In the Zeepin community, any organization or individual will have a reliable digital identity and ability to turn innovative resources into digital assets that are protected and can be shared on the blockchain to reduce risks in investment trade and improve creation efficiency.

    Zeepin is committed to becoming the world's leading blockchain-based innovation, transaction, and investment platforms for the creative industry.

    Based on the standard open source framework consisting of the NeoContract smart contract system and front-end library, Zeepin enables any organization or individual (including creators,
    manufacturers, and channel partners) to launch innovative projects or jointly organize decentralized self-governing innovation teams. To better adapt to the features of Sharing New Economy, Zeepin's technical team has designed and built the bottom blockchain infrastructure and business framework that are more suitable for Zeepin's community and future applications. In this way, the blockchain database will be more applicable to develop applications based on the consistency of massive data, covering credit investigation, digital copyright, anti-counterfeiting, etc. Atomic transactions on the blockchain can support electronic assets, asset swaps, payment, and other functions. Meanwhile, the technical team has greatly extended functions at the protocol layer, to support Zeepin's dApps.

    In conclusion, Zeepin provides support for innovators from putting forward an idea to fully operating project. In addition, Zeepin has accumulated rich industrial experience and resources, including those on currently available products.


    Although the global creative industry develops rapidly, the growth rate still falls short of industry analysts' expectations. The reason is that the leading enterprises develop slowly and that the development of medium, small and micro-sized enterprises, organizations, and innovative individuals is limited due to copyright, territory, talent, financing, and other related problems.

    Zeepin hopes to create a fair and efficient creative ecosystem, which can be understood as a public facility in the blockchain field and has various kinds of tools (dApp) anyone can use. These dApps can solve the problems related to the protection of innovation copyright, remote cooperation, talent recruitment, and project financing. For example, the most fundamental dApp in the Zeepin community is ZeeRights that helps innovators in copyright protection, ensures tradable digital assets, and solves problems from the industrial source.



    Decentralized Security Assurance and Credible Traceability
    In a traditional centralized network, the launch of effective attacks on a central node, e.g. third-party payment intermediaries, will damage the entire system; whereas, in a decentralized blockchain network, attacks on a single node are unable to control or damage the entire system. Differing from the centralized platform, each node on the blockchain must comply with the same set of account keeping and transaction trade rules, which are based on an encryption algorithm instead of credit standing. At the same time, each transaction needs to get the consensus reached by most nodes on the network for final confirmation, thus evading the dark force of super administrator behind a centralized platform. It is the technological cause for the blockchain's ability to offer timestamp and tamper-proof transaction record.

    Assets Digitization and Right Confirmation
    Helping global innovators in assets digitization and rights confirmation is an important mission of Zeepin Chain. All digital assets launched by innovators on Zeepin Chain are endorsed by innovators' identity and works. Connecting the blockchain with real economy via Zeepin Chain can improve the efficiency of economic life and reduce credit cost.

    Decentralized Transaction Platform
    Zeepin Chain helps handle the digitization of copyright assets in a low-cost and credible way, manage copyright assets and authorize circulation and utilization in an effective and convenient manner, to benefit the parties in the copyright value chain. Building decentralized transaction platforms based on the blockchain technology, and understanding the credible and tamper-resistant transaction records and the digital copyrights helps reduce the tedious and repeated processes in copyright transactions, ensures the trust between participating parties and support the one-click, automatic, and commercialized copyright transactions.

    Realization of Intelligent Economy

    Promote assets digitization based on the blockchain technology and digital identity to carry out automatic management of digital assets through the smart contract to form a distributed network for "intelligent economy". Realize the intelligent economy of the global creative industry integrating digital assets, digital identity, and smart contract.

    Global Value Transfer
    Zeepin will work with the Onchain team to deploy and operate an independent blockchain exclusive to the Zeepin project based on DNAProject underlying technology and build the bottom blockchain infrastructure and business framework that are more suitable for Zeepin's community and future applications. In this way, the blockchain database will be more applicable to develop applications based on the consistency of massive data, covering credit investigation, digital copyright, anti-counterfeiting, etc. Atomic transactions on the blockchains can support assets digitization, asset swaps, payment, and other functions and realize Zeepin's DAO and dApp applications, so as to fulfill the seamless connection and transfer of global values.

    ZPT Application

    Community Reward
    In order to reward great ideas, to encourage behavior good for the development of the Zeepin community, and to drive the stable and healthy development of the community in the long run, Zeepin will introduce the Credit Score to reward the participants for their great contributions and behavior, including but not limited to generating, recommending, reviewing and sharing content. This behavior will be determined through a standard smart procedure, to create a fair and transparent incentive mechanism, to enable the Zeepin community to have more participants, better content and more active participation, and to drive the healthy and stable development of both the platform and the community
    Zeepin will create a feature for the exchange between credit scores and ZPTs so that all the credit scores can be exchanged for ZPTs at an exchange rate regularly announced by Zeepin. These ZPTs will come from the portion additionally issued each year. After the exchange, credit scores can be accumulated and used for credit rating upgrade.
    The team officially launching crowd-funding projects will be rated by Zeepin or third-party evaluation agencies cooperating with Zeepin, and the ratings are critical to team selection during the pre-sales of crowd-funding projects. The evaluation expenses will be paid with ZPT rewards. The teams passing the evaluation will be allowed to launch projects, and then they will be evaluated by Zeepin or third-party due diligence agencies cooperating with Zeepin. Those failing to pass the evaluation will not be allowed to launch the project. The due diligence expenses will also be paid with ZPT rewards.

    Lock-up and Utilization
    Users should lock up or use ZPTs in the following situations:
    1. Credit ratings range v1-v2-v3. When credit scores meet the requirements, the rating upgrade is allowed and a certain amount of ZPTs is required to be locked up.
    2. When the name of the team or organization is registered, some ZPTs will need to be used. Pay with IPFS and store ZeeRights copyright source code.
    3. Promotion of own project, organization, or product in the community needs to use ZPTs. Obtain or use the innovative tools and resources, for example, materials, in the community.

    Crowd-funding project investments
    Zeepin will set a pre-sales period for the crowd-funding of ideas, products, and copyright derivatives. It is only opened for ZPT holders, and extra discount rewards will be provided. Some of the funds for crowd-funding projects will be locked up by the smart contract and granted to project teams according to the agreed project schedule.



    The total amount of Zeepin Tokens (ZPTs) will be 1 billion. The sales details will be published at the Official Website. The sales will last for 12 days from January 18, 2018 to January 29, 2018 based on NEO Blockchain and the NEO smart contract, NeoContract. Hard-capped at 700.000 NEO. The number of ZPTs released through ICO is 500 million (50% of the total number).

    The private placement is officially opened. There are limitiation on min and max placement; min: 4000 NEO - max: 15000 NEO or same value in BTC or ETH. To be a part of our private placement please add our employee ANZE on Telegram: https://t.me/AnzeNocZeepin. He will guide you through the procedure.

    ICO PERIOD: January 18th 2018 - 1PM (UTC) to January 29th 2018 - 0:59PM (UTC)
    SOFT CAP: 240.000 NEO
    TOKEN AMOUNT: 500 million ZPT


    Day 1 - Day 2: +30% ZPT Bonus (Presale)
    Day 3 – Day 4: +20% ZPT Bonus
    Day 5 – Day 6: +15% ZPT Bonus
    Day 7 – Day 8: +10% ZPT Bonus
    Day 9 - Day 10: +5% ZPT Bonus
    Day 11 - Day 12: No Bonus

    Allocation of the ZPTs

    50% of them will be sold publicly through the ICO.
    Upgrade, operation, and marketing of Zeepin projects, the operation and management of the Zeepin Foundation, financial and legal consulting fees, ICO cost, bonuses, etc.

    20% will be used as a provision for community development.
    Gradually allocated to new contributors when it can really help to promote the development of the Zeepin ecosystem and increase the liquidity of ZPTs.

    20% will be held by the founding members of the team and angel investors.
    This portion of ZPTs will be used to provide incentives for the team in the long run. The locked-up period is 2 years. 50% of them can be unlocked 1 year later, and the remaining 50% can be unlocked 2 years later.

    10% will be used as the R&D fund.
    This will be reserved for partners, academic research, and third-party platforms.

    In order to reward great ideas and drive the long-term, stable and healthy development of the community, we will issue an additional 10% of the ZPTs in the second year for the producers of quality contents. The inflation rate will go down year after year.



    Underlying technology partner: ONCHAIN (Onchain Official Website)

    Ecology partner: NEO (NEO Official Website)


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    The Distributed Creative New Economy
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