[ANN] SKYBIT - Myanmar's Leading Blockchain Service Platform

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    SKYBIT was interviewed last week at Nasdaq exchange in Times Square, New York, USA.

    is the only Myanmar company ever to have been featured at the Nasdaq exchange.

    Philip Lim and Hsin-Tung Lu described how they have been working on applying #blockchain and #crypto to facilitate donations, payments for goods, and investments into Myanmar, a still underdeveloped nation, for the benefit of all levels of society and the economy of the country.

    Philip believes that the non-geographically-bounded nature of blockchain digital assets make them the perfect solution to reducing global wealth disparity across nations and the world population due to the ease in which they can be transferred over the internet.

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    Source: https://www.linkedin.com/company/skybit
    Website: https://SKYBIT.ASIA
    Digital Asset Conversion Platform: https://dacp.skybit.asia]https://dacp.skybit.asia
    Token Sale Page: =https://skybit.asia/tokenSale/] https://skybit.asia/tokenSale/
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    Amazing News! SKYBIT Token can be purchase at Probit Exchange starting November 23, 2020.
    Introduction: https://skybit.asia
    SKYBIT is a digital asset exchange that applies blockchain technology to provide the very first modern financial bridge between Myanmar and the rest of the world. SKYBIT's solution is to use cryptocurrency which can act as money and flows freely on the internet regardless of country borders.
    SKYBIT also provides a payment processor that allows businesses in Myanmar to easily receive payments from international customers who pay in cryptocurrency. The same platform can also allow donations to easily be sent to aid organizations that help the neediest in Myanmar.
    Longer-term plans include expansion to other Southeast Asian countries in which blockchain has great potential to also offer both large-scale social impact and significant financial returns on investment.
    Read more: https://support.probit.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035430392

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