[ANN] Baex dApp - Trade traditional stocks directly through the blockchain

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    Hello! In this post, we will tell you about the functions and meanings of smart contracts in BAEX

    Smart contracts are the most convenient financial instrument that has existed. Thanks to it, decentralized platforms can get rid of questionable middlemen.

    The smart contract itself is an intermediary between the user and the platform or between two users during the transaction. It is impossible to cheat a smart contract because all parties are in complete confidence that everything will be fair and without problems.

    What role do smart contracts play in BAEX?

    Smart contracts are the issuers of BAEX tokens. As soon as #Eth is sent to the smart contract to buy BAEX, it immediately issues the required number of tokens.

    If users want to return their Eth using a smart contract, then thanks to it, the burning occurs later.

    In BAEX, smart contracts guarantee super liquidity.

    For withdrawals, a 5% withdrawal fee is charged, calculated from Eth, which will be transferred to the user's address. This 100% collateral system with fully transparent accounting on the blockchain guarantees token price stability that cannot be lower than the smart contract buyback price.

    Thus, thanks to smart contracts, super-liquidity of the BAEX token is ensured, as well as their emission and burning.
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    Dear partners.

    We are the new owners of the BETCONIX cryptocurrency exchange.

    In December 2020, an updated exchange and platform will be launched for IEO and Listing.

    Our mission is to create an honest platform for listing and ICO, we want to give a platform for listing promising projects even with a small capitalization.

    The peculiarity of the platform is as follows:

    - BETCONIX Exchange does not charge projects for IEO and Listing.

    - The main requirement for your projects, the project should be promising.

    - For your project should vote, users owning BNIX tokens.

    You will only be required to present your project to the exchange users.

    If you are confident in your project.

    If you are interested in listing and IEO, without paying commissions of the exchange.

    We invite you to cooperate.

    Send a description of your projects and offers to coo@bnix.info e-mail.

    Managing director

    GN BetConix ST s.r.o.

    Andrew Plath.



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    Hello! In this post, we will tell you about the earning opportunities on decentralized platforms.

    Decentralized finance can bring significant dividends to its users and investors today. This is due to the investment in a token or coin and the financial instruments that DeFi platforms provide. For example, lending or liquidity pools.

    In the case of lending, investors are, in fact, lenders for other users. In the case of liquidity pools, investors can profit from providing the token with liquidity.

    What does BAEX have to offer?

    Earning on our token

    All BAEX tokens are backed by #Ethereum. Protection against falling prices is implemented algorithmically so that over time, the #token price will only grow.

    Profiting from losses of #traders

    All tokens that users buy can be sent to the liquidity #pool. With liquidity pools, you can profit from traders' losses as the liquidity pool maintains the liquidity of valuable assets on the #platform.

    Thus, thanks to #BAEX, making #money on #decentralization is easier than ever. You just need to buy tokens, and then you have the right to decide whether to hold them or invest in the liquidity pool. Both options will allow you to make a #profit.