[ANN] InvestRoFund.com - The Next Step In Automated Social Trading

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    Hello! In this post, we will tell you about the economics of the Investro platform.
    Investro is relying on the use of its token, which will provide access to premium features, allow you to pay commissions, discounts on platform fees and settlement of profits generated from social trading between participants.
    Tokens will also be used for transactions on exchanges that will be integrated into Investro. Thus, the more users Investro services are provided to, the higher the value of the token.
    Tokens are not intended for speculation and do not represent shares of the company. Investro tokens are not securities and are not linked to future income streams or value other than those received from using the platform.
    In addition, there are incentives in Investro’s economy. Thanks to them, traders can use advanced trading services on our platform and stay there for a long time.
    In terms of platform revenue, Investro will charge a flat fee of 1.5% of each successful trade’s ROI to keep the platform running.
    ✅ Thus, there are no hidden fees on the platform. The token price depends on the number of users who use our services, and there is a reward system for traders that allows them to make additional profits.
    Learn more about the Investro project on the website: https://investrofund.com
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    Dear partners.

    We are the new owners of the BETCONIX cryptocurrency exchange.

    In December 2020, an updated exchange and platform will be launched for IEO and Listing.

    Our mission is to create an honest platform for listing and ICO, we want to give a platform for listing promising projects even with a small capitalization.

    The peculiarity of the platform is as follows:

    - BETCONIX Exchange does not charge projects for IEO and Listing.

    - The main requirement for your projects, the project should be promising.

    - For your project should vote, users owning BNIX tokens.

    You will only be required to present your project to the exchange users.

    If you are confident in your project.

    If you are interested in listing and IEO, without paying commissions of the exchange.

    We invite you to cooperate.

    Send a description of your projects and offers to coo@bnix.info e-mail.

    Managing director

    GN BetConix ST s.r.o.

    Andrew Plath.



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    Greetings. Today we’ll talk about the way blockchain technology helps businesses.
    Blockchain technology, being popular, is gaining momentum more and more, provides a toolkit that allows you to manage your business more efficiently, automate the execution of contracts and settlements, make them open and secure.
    Today’s realities are marked by the existence of three main effective business models using blockchain:
    Ready-made blockchain solutions used by traditional companies without any changes in their structure;
    Fully decentralized business platforms in which everyone can become a supplier of services and goods;
    Use by companies of their own created or jointly developed, by order, blockchain solutions.
    Blockchain benefits:
    The use of blockchain technology by many companies simplifies tasks. The advantage of blockchain technology is that it eliminates the need for mediators. Although it has many other distinct features, intermediaries’ bypassing already makes blockchain processes much faster and cheaper.
    Increased revenue while lowering costs, smart customer service are just a few of the many benefits blockchain technology provides.
    At the moment when entrepreneurs, investors, and companies begin to massively use new technologies like blockchain, the digital economy will begin to reach a more global scale.
    The Investro platform is built with simplicity, functionality, and security in mind. Well suited for both seasoned and novice investors. Investro will allow entry into the highly lucrative crypto assets market with reduced risk and let experienced traders offer value-added services to other users.
    Join the Investro platform and take advantage of its benefits.