[ANN] Ideaology - Turning Bright Ideas into Awesome Crowdfunding

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    *This infographic present long term plan, it's based on our prediction and it depends on a various of factors*

    Note: Regarding P2PB2B exchange, they were very helpfull and professional for us as early stage project. We choose them among others. Our aim is to continue round 2 on tier 1 and multiple exchanges.
    Tokens bought on IEO can be withdrawn to personal ethereum wallet or Ideaology wallet that will be connected with every account.
    Tokens ultility purpose can be used from day our Ideaology wallet is created (01-15.11.2020 aprox).
    Tokens will be listed at 10.03.2020 with goal to get into multiple and better exchanges.
    IEO Round's will last 15 days*​
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    As Ideaology’s development is progressing, industry media is taking notice. In a recent Cointelegraph industry review, Ideaology platform was featured as an example of blockchains potential for secure and independent data sharing:
    While the widely used methods of exchanging data are laden with many flaws, blockchain boasts of a tightly secure peer-to-peer exchange of information that is independent of a third party. For example, Ideaology, an open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, is a platform for entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and scientists to exchange, review and monetize ideas freely.
    We are proud to be noticed and made a part of an industry review
    on such a prestigious media outlet.
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    Dear partners.

    We are the new owners of the BETCONIX cryptocurrency exchange.

    In December 2020, an updated exchange and platform will be launched for IEO and Listing.

    Our mission is to create an honest platform for listing and ICO, we want to give a platform for listing promising projects even with a small capitalization.

    The peculiarity of the platform is as follows:

    - BETCONIX Exchange does not charge projects for IEO and Listing.

    - The main requirement for your projects, the project should be promising.

    - For your project should vote, users owning BNIX tokens.

    You will only be required to present your project to the exchange users.

    If you are confident in your project.

    If you are interested in listing and IEO, without paying commissions of the exchange.

    We invite you to cooperate.

    Send a description of your projects and offers to coo@bnix.info e-mail.

    Managing director

    GN BetConix ST s.r.o.

    Andrew Plath.