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    Ticker: XLA
    Consensus: Proof of Work
    Algorithm: Panthera (KangarooTwelve + yespower (N=48, R=8) + RandomX)
    Max Supply: Infinite (tail-emission)
    Pre-mine: 3 years worth of PoW
    Block Rewards: Dynamic Rewards*
    Decimal Places: 2
    Difficulty Adjustment Window: 120
    Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm: Linearly Weighted Moving Average (LWMA)
    Block Time: 120s
    Genesis Block (pre-swap): 2018-01-22
    Genesis Block (post-swap): 2020-07-31

    * Dynamic Rewards essentially means that the rewards don't constantly inflate or deflate,
    it will be based on the market conditions every year, but there will also be a constant year (6th year).
    In our case where it takes away 1/4th of whatever the first 6 years worth of PoW was,
    this kind of system makes sure our coins are well distributed and not too inflated.



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    URL:port Number

    Official: mine.scalaproject.io:8000
    ScalaNode: scalanode.com:11812
    XLANode: XLAnode.com:11812
    EthosPool: scala.ethospool.org:11812
    GTNL: daemon.pool.gntl.co.uk:11812
    Teredic (Team Member):



    Defending The Indefensible With Scala, Or The Hitchhiker’s Guide To 51% Attacks
    Scala Swap Tool Instructions
    Panthera V7 — Specifications
    Mobile Mining — The whys and hows
    A Mining Setup Guide for Scala
    How to build a Solar Powered CPU Mining Server for Under $1000
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    Dear partners.

    We are the new owners of the BETCONIX cryptocurrency exchange.

    In December 2020, an updated exchange and platform will be launched for IEO and Listing.

    Our mission is to create an honest platform for listing and ICO, we want to give a platform for listing promising projects even with a small capitalization.

    The peculiarity of the platform is as follows:

    - BETCONIX Exchange does not charge projects for IEO and Listing.

    - The main requirement for your projects, the project should be promising.

    - For your project should vote, users owning BNIX tokens.

    You will only be required to present your project to the exchange users.

    If you are confident in your project.

    If you are interested in listing and IEO, without paying commissions of the exchange.

    We invite you to cooperate.

    Send a description of your projects and offers to coo@bnix.info e-mail.

    Managing director

    GN BetConix ST s.r.o.

    Andrew Plath.