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    What is SGT Token?

    SKY GROUP TOKEN (SGT) is an official cryptocurrency token that was launched under the sponsorship of SKY GROUP to satisfying the needs of market development and sharing profits for investors.

    ✪ Symbol: SGT
    ✪ Blockchain: Blockchain TRON
    ✪ Technology: DeFi
    ✪ Total supply: 999,000,000

    Why should you invest in SGT?

    SKY GROUP ITO is a campaign to attract investment flows by selling TOKEN SGT on a global scale, calling on individual and institutional investors to invest together, contribute to building SKY GROUP’s platform and SKY GROUP’s ecosystem. After the ITO campaign, SGT TOKEN will be listed on multiple reputable Crypto exchanges. TOKEN SGT will be freely offered for sale like other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, ETH, TRX …). We designed SGT to become a TOKEN of sustainable value and widely accepted in the community, becoming a popular coin for products and services that under SKY GROUP’s ecosystem. Owning SGT means becoming a shareholder of SKY GROUP and shareholders will receive sharing profits based on the number of tokens held and the business results of SKY GROUP.

    SKY GROUP is a decentralized blockchain project that integrated with multiple platforms.

    SGT’s price increases when there is a lack of supply but high demand.

    SGT will be widely used in all ecosystems of SKY GROUP with many special benefits and promotions for the community of investors, creating uniformity of payment methods, and ensuring sustainable growth in the value of SGT in the market.

    SKY GROUP TOKEN is looking towards a new breakthrough strategy with advantages of the DeFi technology.

    SGT’s initial price is only $0.01, which is really affordable considering the current economic situation.
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