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    Dear community, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and everyone who wants to become one!
    We would like to introduce Mnodes (MNS) 1.0 to you.

    MNS Specification


    Secure payment via CoinPayments.net:

    Then select the amount you want to buy:

    500 MNS [50$ USD]
    2500 MNS [250$ USD]
    5000 MNS [475$ USD -5%]
    12500 MNS [1125$ USD -10%]
    25000 MNS [2125$ USD -15%]
    50000 MNS [4000$ USD -20%]
    100000 MNS [7500$ USD -25%]


    We are planning with the investments from the ICO some listings on exchanges, such as Grex24, etc. In addition,
    we will be listed on other important sites in the coming weeks. ICO funds are also used for YouTuber and social media marketing.
    For us it is also important that our whitepaper is ready and our platform already works.[/size]

    Benefits of MNS Coins

    The goal is to become one of the largest coin information platforms in the
    world within the next few years. With special functions of our platform and the
    corresponding data acquisition, which we make available to you in compact
    form, we are laying the foundation for our project.

    Through the voting system on our platform, new MNS coins are bought again
    and again. By creating a TiersNode the customer gets Rewards. By this
    procedure the price of MNS Coins should stabilize itself in the next years and
    be increased thereby. To achieve the goal of becoming a huge platform, a
    strong community is needed. In the next few years, special attention will be
    paid to building the community.

    COIN info:
    „coming soon“

    „coming soon“


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