Would you like to start investing in CDO finance?

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    Yield farming gives people the chance to earn investment income by placing funds in a DeFi (decentralized finance) protocol. An investor deposits digital assets in a lending or market-making protocol to earn interest or fees in exchange for providing liquidity.

    CDO.Finance is the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the first yield farming protocol to offer structured derivatives products that provide adjustments in yield leverage and risk exposure.

    Working in similar fashion to its counterpart traditional finance, created CDOs are derivative products that are backed by an underlying cash flow generating asset, such as tokens that are sent to a lending pool to farm yield.

    Users that subscribe to a CDO are then classified to different risk and reward profiles, to provide efficiently created inherent risk adjustment and financial leverage benefits between investors without requiring additional remedial action(such as taking on 3rd party insurance for risk or paying high interest for leverage).

    At the end of every CDO contract, yield and investment principals are paid out in a waterfall fashion, with senior tranche participants (lowest risk, lowered yield) having priority yield and principal repayment and junior tranche participants (higher risk, leveraged yield) having secondary yield and principal repayment.

    This creates effective protection for the senior tranche participants of the CDO contract by lower tranche participants, as their principal and expected returns are protected by subsequent tranches.

    According to current plans, CDO.Finance will officially launch on the 4th of April 2021 at 00:00

    GMT+8. Token rewards will begin at block 6251000

    Token Distribution

    CDO Token Information

    Token Ticker: CODEX

    Token total supply: 18 million tokens

    Token Distribution:

    Fair Launch Distribution (For users that participate in the pools in platform) : 80%, 14.4 million

    Development Fund: 15%, 2.7 million

    Warchest (tokens to be minted as required, no lock-in period): 5%, 0.9 million

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    Fair Launch Distribution

    For more info you can simply visit at https://cdo.finance

    Telegram: https://t.me/cdofinance

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CDOfinance