First Global Defi Banking APP

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    - First Global Defi Banking APP, Worldwide contactless Payment provider.
    - A amazing team of volunteers are developing the future of finance.
    - AiPi cryptocurrency wallet for those looking to transform the financial system right from their pocket. Sending money instantly Globally.
    - Monthly buy back and burn program
    - Swap between supported cryptocurrencies or swap your assets into FIAT without needing to transfer assets off the AiPi platform.
    - The best passive income APP stake and earn up to 50% ROI APY
    - Receive and Send money instantly Globally.
    - AipiChain - The next x1000 Altcoin Gem of 2021
    - Get passive income up to 50% on your Cryptoassets
    - Store your cryptocurrencieswith AiPi and earn Rewards on select assets such as AiPi, BTC, ETH and a wide range of stable tokens & coins.