[IDO] Neonomad Finance $NNI Exchange|NFT's|Staking|YieldFarming + more

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    What is Neonomad Finance
    NeoNomad is a cryptocurrency exchange allowing every user or firm to trade anywhere in the world in a safe, decentralised and convenient manner.
    We offer a wide variety of products including derivatives, DeFi products, NFT's and leveraged tokens.

    Why Purchase Neonomad
    The NeoNomad financial ecosystem provides access to solid and innovative investments.

    The Ecosystem Structure includes:

    • Swap/DEX
    • Futures
    • Staking
    • Yield Farming
    • Gold Backed NFT's, Agriculture NFT's and NFT Marketplace
    • Nomad Visa cards

    Roadmap with Timeline

    Neonomad Finance IDO

    The NeoNomad Sale will happen over 12 days. After the Sale, all USDC/ETH/BNB/SOL depositors will get NeoNomad Token in proportion to their
    share of the USDC/ETH/BNB/SOL vault and the USDC/ETH/BNB/SOL will be moved into the NeoNomad DAO treasury.