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    Dexe.network or Dexe (Decentralized Social Trading Platform) – an online, decentralized and autonomous cryptocurrency assets portfolio environment which operates via autonomous smart contracts, that includes tools for virtual currency allocation, automatic rebalancing and eliminates the risks of transferring digital wallet details such as private keys and API or any virtual currency data to a third party, as well as fixing the absence of decentralized interconnection between users and successful traders within the framework of DeFi.


    Dexe.network operates on the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) principles. It means that any user within this network fully controls all financial transactions going through a personal wallet. No third parties interfere in the process.
    The necessity of such a secure and decentralized money management tool is undeniable. Dexe provides an opportunity for any user to invest safely in a decentralized environment, controlling risks and finances using just the his/hers wallet.


    The system works in such a way that when a user wants to invest in the desired trader, he uses our autonomous smart contract and in exchange for his crypto asset receives a trader’s token, which has a backup copy and is equal to the value of the asset invested by the user.
    The user can store this token in their wallet or move it between any other wallets. He will also be able to transfer or sell it to someone else by agreement. The trader, on the other hand, trades using the user’s real funds and increasing their volume. Upon expiration, or when the user needs to exchange and return his funds, he sends the token to the Dexe smart contract and receives his asset back, taking into account the profit that the trader earned.

    DEXE Partners Supporters and Investors

    Token Sale Detals


    Everyone will be able to participate in the token sale, and everyone will have the chance to choose the most interesting screenplay.
    DeXe.network would like to note that the structure of the token sale is very specific, a large number of details have been calculated mathematically, and the token sale itself will allow all the interested users to understand how the product works and what benefits can be obtained using the DeXe.network platform.


    Token metrics:
    Token name - Dexe
    Token symbol - DEXE
    Token type - erc 20
    Total supply - 100 000 000 DEXE
    Initial circulation supply after 22 rounds - from 2000000 to 6000000 DEXE (Depends on the tokens that will be sold or burned during the token sale)
    The potential token holders shall be able to use USDC, USDT, and ETH to exchange DEXE at token sale.
    Startup token price - based on the first round funding

    Token allocation:
    Token sale - 5%
    Staking rewards - up to 10% (if unlock reaches more than 10% of the allocated supply, staking rewards will stop being credited)
    Foundation - 33%
    Team - 20%
    Partnership and ecosystem - 16%
    Trading school and tournaments - 10%
    Marketing - 5%
    Market liquidity Fund - 1%
    Lockup and release**:
    Token sale - immediate release
    Staking rewards - 12 months vesting
    Foundation - 1-year cliff, 48 months vesting
    Team - 6 months cliff, 24 months vesting
    Partnership and ecosystem - 3 months cliff, 12 months vesting
    Trading school and tournaments - 2 months cliff, 12 months vesting
    Marketing - 1-month cliff, 12 months vesting
    Market liquidity Fund - immediate release
    Vesting = Gradual unlock of tokens that will happen every second (according to the specified periods)

    1 round - strategic & promotion
    The first round will be exclusive to all the people who will bring the most value to the product, they will become the first large users. In the first round, the largest number of tokens will be sold - 20% - 1,000,000 DeXe
    The token price will be formed on the first round and will depend on the amount of token holders. All the tokens that will be purchased starting from the first and subsequent rounds won't be locked Users will get basic 5% daily rewards or 10% according to the conditions below.
    To get doubled staking rewards the user will need to purchase an additional 1% (From his/her last purchase) every round. If the rounds 2-22 don't get filled, the amount of received staking rewards will increase exponentially (up to 40% per day) How to calculate the amount of staking rewards:
    (-0,15 * PercentRoundfilled + 20,02) multiplied by 2 for doubled staking rewards. Staking rewards will have a vesting starting from the end of the last round for 12 months. If the user will have at least 1 DeXe token from the first round, he is eligible for doubled staking rewards if he acquires an additional 1% (From his/her last purchase).

    2-22 round - Rounds with staking rewards
    There will be 190,476 DeXe tokens on sale in each round.
    How to calculate the «Fullness» of the round:
    Current DeXe token buying amount / (190476 * DeXe price on the exchange).
    If the round is not filled, the participants of the token sale will receive DeXe tokens with a discount from the current exchange price. 0% discount at 100% “fullness” and up to 10% discount at 0% if the round will be filled. On these rounds the basic staking rewards are 2% (4% for doubled staking rewards. To get doubled staking rewards the user will need to purchase an additional 1% (From his/her last purchase) every round.
    If the rounds 2-22 don't get filled, the amount of received staking rewards will increase exponentially8% to 16% per day. See picture
    The rewards are calculated using the formula: (-0.06 * PercentRoundFilled + [​IMG]. Multiply by 2 for doubled staking rewards. All unsold tokens in the round will be burned.

    Staking rewards

    All staking rewards have:
    Cliff - 22 rounds
    Vesting - 12 months with gradual unlock of tokens that will happen every second.
    Only 10% of the total supply is allocated for staking rewards, at the end of which staking rewards will no longer be credited.
    Staking rewards are locked for the entire period of the token sale. After round 22 is completed, every second unlock of staking rewards starts and lasts 12 months.
    There is an opportunity to unlock a part of staking rewards with a commission (bridge fee). This option becomes available with a significant increase in the price of the DeXe token on the exchange.
    If the DeXe token price x7 from the formed average price for round 2-10 on DEX - participants can unlock 10% of their Staking rewards with a commission of 14%
    If the DeXe token price x10 of the formed average price for rounds 2-10 on DEX - participants can unlock 15% of their Staking rewards with a 20% commission
    If the DeXe token price x15 of the formed average price for round 2-10 on DEX - participants can unlock 20% of their Staking rewards with a 30% commission
    If the DeXe token price x20 of the formed average price for rounds 2-10 on DEX - participants can unlock 30% of their Staking rewards with a commission of 40%
    Bridge fee will be burned in full

    Farming rewards & double farming rewards


    All Dexe token holders are eligible to receive Farming rewards after the product launch.
    Token sale participants will receive increased Farming rewards according to the terms of the farming program.
    Users who purchased Dexe tokens after the product release will not receive the increased Farming rewards, they are only eligible for regular Farming rewards after the end of the increased Farming rewards distribution program.
    Farming rewards and increased farming rewards will be distributed in DEXE tokens
    To start receiving increased Farming rewards, the user must sign up for high Farming rewards within 10 days from the date of the product release (registration will be done out on dexe.network)

    How does it work?
    After the release of the main product and when the user of the platform makes a profit, the smart contract will automatically deduct a commission from the users income, a part will be charged to traders for the provision of copying services and the management of their portfolios, and the second part will be divided, 50% of which will be bought out and burned within the decentralized environment, and 50 % is distributed among the participants of the farming program (token holders).

    Increased farming rewards conditions :
    Every day, at a random time, there will be snapshots of Dexe token holders' wallet balances. After a user has bought Dexe tokens, the calculation of the average period of time the token was held begins, which will be recorded on the day the second part of the Dexe.network product will be released. The recorded amount of tokens is divided by the average number of tokens held by the user during the period from the first purchase to the release of the product. We will get the difference between the final and average balances.

    Increased farming rewards grades:
    100% - 100.99% = х3 Coeff of “Holding days” and “Farming allocations”
    101% - 124.99% = х4 Coeff of “Holding days” and “Farming allocations”
    125% - 149.99% = x6 Coeff of “Holding days” and “Farming allocations”
    150% - 174.99% = x9 Coeff of “Holding days” and “Farming allocations”
    175% - ∞ = х13 Coeff of “Holding days” and “Farming allocations”

    Coefficient of “Holding days” - The number of days the token was held from the first appearance in the wallet until the day of the release multiplied by the coeff.
    “Farming Allocation” coefficient - The amount of tokens on the product release day multiplied by the coeff.
    100.99% - The ratio of the final and average balances (we divide the final balance by the average balance)

    All users who have a ratio of the final and average balance more than 100% are credited with Farming rewards received from copy-farming

    The period for obtaining increased Farming rewards takes place according to this formula: The number of days Dexe tokens were held from the first day on the wallet to the day until the product release day multiplied by the coefficient of “Holding days” and “Farming Allocation” coefficient.

    Governance & Usability of DeXe token in the ecosystem
    1. Automatic buyback and burning of tokens for a % of traders rewards.
    2. The use of the token by holders for voting and making decisions regarding:
    a. The period and regulating the percentage of burned tokens
    b. Influence the amount of farming rewards received (increase or decrease the % of accrual)
    c. Ability to vote for the date of burning tokens and the accrual of farming rewards.

    Website: https://dexe.network
    Official telegram channel: https://t.me/Dexe_network
    Official telegram EN chat: https://t.me/dexe_network_official_chat
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dexe.network
    Medium: https://medium.com/dexe-network
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dexe-network
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DexeNetwork
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    Dear Dexe.network community! We are glad to declare the next opportunities program named “One-Year Confidence”

    Whereas DeXe.network aims to complete decentralization, safekeeping measures will be ensured. DeXe wants to define Dexe.network refund commitments.

    80% of our refund obligations will be placed in a smart contract of DeXe.network created for this purpose. The audit of the smart contract will be presented by an independent third-party provider so to provide a true and fair view of the DeXe.network refund policy and safety.

    Participants of 2–22 rounds may retain the refund of 80% (refund pool to be formed) to its original allocation during 2–22 rounds in exchange for DEXE tokens swapped at a time during an asset swap. This program will be available in 12 months after DeXe Token Sale finished. This means that token sale participants can continue to stake their DEXE tokens and have the option of participating in the refund of its original allocation in exchange for DEXE Tokens swapped at a time that would be available after the token sale. Note, that 30% from the refund pool may be used for the functioning of the DeXe.network and will be returned to the refund pool before the available public date of such a refund. Such expenses will be carefully considered by the core team and presented to the public monthly.

    DeXe.network is committed to full transparency and further periodic audits will be performed and reports published to provide continued accountability to our current and future actions. These audits and reports will be publicly announced upon completion and ongoing.
    More details about the “One-Year Confidence” Program will be published soon.
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    7nd Round Statistic

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    We are the new owners of the BETCONIX cryptocurrency exchange.

    In December 2020, an updated exchange and platform will be launched for IEO and Listing.

    Our mission is to create an honest platform for listing and ICO, we want to give a platform for listing promising projects even with a small capitalization.

    The peculiarity of the platform is as follows:

    - BETCONIX Exchange does not charge projects for IEO and Listing.

    - The main requirement for your projects, the project should be promising.

    - For your project should vote, users owning BNIX tokens.

    You will only be required to present your project to the exchange users.

    If you are confident in your project.

    If you are interested in listing and IEO, without paying commissions of the exchange.

    We invite you to cooperate.

    Send a description of your projects and offers to coo@bnix.info e-mail.

    Managing director

    GN BetConix ST s.r.o.

    Andrew Plath.




    Dear partners.